Caring Hearts & Hands

Caring is a gift you can pass on to others.

Is there a Borgess employee, physician or volunteer that stands out in your mind when you think of your care at Borgess? As a patient of Borgess Health,Caring Hearts & Hands lets you give back a little of the attention you received while you were at the hospital.
Through the Caring Hearts & Hands program, you can recognize someone who has made a memorable impact on your life. Examples of care may find expression in:

  • the efficiency of the friendly staff who checked you in
  • the genuine smile of the nurse or therapist who brightened your days—and your spirits
  • the gifted physician or provider whose skill and manner calmed your anxiety
  • the considerate housekeeper who did their job almost invisibly
  • the cheery transporter who wheeled you to your ride at the end of your stay
  • or anyone else who provided you compassionate care

Brochure and Donation Form (PDF)

Your tribute will honor and delight your personal hero or heroine, and we’ll celebrate them, too, with a card, a lapel pin and other recognition. Your gift will help us provide treatment for the needy, buy equipment and meet a variety of other needs at Borgess Health.