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You want the best for your family and neighbors – your gifts provide the margin of excellence in Borgess healthcare programs.

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Your contributions to the Borgess Foundation make an impact every day by helping our healers heal. Some of the specific ways you make a difference include: the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment that provides the latest options for healing, programmatic support to ensure all your family health needs are met, and for enhancements to our healing environment to provide a secure and private habitat for healing.

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June 3, 2014

The “superheroes who don’t wear capes” – nurses at Borgess Health – were recently honored at the annual Friends of Borgess Friends of Nursing (FoBN) Endowment Fund Awards Reception. The celebration reception was held on May 22 inside the LEC Auditorium. LEARN MORE

Borgess Golf For Health2013

Spring 2014

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Thank you avb for your Elite Sponsorship.
Thank you avb for your Elite Sponsorship.

By the numbers

In 2013, in each minute of every day, Borgess Health provided $81.80 in care to individuals who could not afford treatment.
Borgess Tree of Love donors provided diagnostic mammography services to 295 low-income women.
Borgess Diabetes Uninsured Clinic provided life sustaining services to 250 patients.

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