That's Where...healing begins

You want the best for your family and neighbors – your gifts provide the margin of excellence in Borgess healthcare programs.


Your contributions to the Borgess Foundation make an impact every day by helping our healers heal. Some of the specific ways you make a difference include: the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment that provides the latest options for healing, programmatic support to ensure all your family health needs are met, and for enhancements to our healing environment to provide a secure and private habitat for healing.

By the numbers....


 350 patients with an average 7-10 day stay are seen at Ascension Borgess Easy Street Inpatient Rehabilitation Center.

 4,426 patients were seen in the Ascension Borgess ETC unit with Mental Health needs.

 11,120 hours were spent with Behavioral Health patients annually in the ETC unit.




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The Ascension Borgess Foundation is excited to celebrate another Doctor's Day with our amazing Ascension Borgess physicians. Some grateful patients showed their appreciation for their Ascension Borgess physicians as a special way to honor them. If you want to honor your favorite Ascension Borgess doctor, visit the Ascension Borgess Foundation donation page and include a comment in with your generous support. Funds from Doctors' Day ensure that our physicians have the tools and medical technologies they need to provide you with the best possible care.

What some patients have to say about their special doctor.

John Bradtke, MD

Dr. John Bradtke

I have been Dr. Bradtke's patient for 20 plus years. He is a wonderful person and excellent doctor. He is kind, he listens and he closely monitors my diabetes. When there is a concern, he orders the necessary blood work or tests. Thank you, Dr. Bradtke! Nancy.

Rockelle Rogers, MD

Dr. Rockelle Rogers

Thank you for being so kind and attentive. Your heart speaks even before you do. Pamela.

Duncan Chapman, MD

Dr. Duncan Chapman

Thank you, Dr. Chapman for always taking such good care of me. Through small problems and large, I've had the utmost confidence in the path "we take together", as you said to me, "Take care of yourself and God bless you". JoAnne.